"You can't be serious"

by Jonte'

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Calvin Joshua This song is HILARIOUS. Jonte' clowns accordingly to this infectious beat. Favorite track: "You can't be serious".
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Conclusion of the underground mixtape "The Last Train To Africa Paris" 2011


released April 1, 2011

DJ MICHAEL MAGNAN,Dai BURGER,TY CHENG, Zach Simmons,Felipe Rodriguez, DJ KAZMO JAPAN STAR, SST studios, Nicholas Wright, Johnathan Celestin, Jehan, JONTE' MOANING,NENE LEAKS



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HelloJonte New York, New York

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Track Name: Jonte' - "You can't be serious"
B#$"%s be snacking yum yum yum
Move out the fuckin way.

sssssh be quiet bitch.

Verse 1: Be quiet when you hear a real bitch talking,move out the fucking way,see this real bitch walking, hoes think I'm rich cuz I look like this,they on my dick on my clit either way they on my shit BITCH, Rick James style stacking up the air miles, equipped with a nail file,you keep me on your speed dial, Talking all this shit told you hoes be quiet,fuck wit my crew I'm tellin you we start a riot. Never on a diet,body to perfection,34,25,36 did I mention? Want me off the block need to start a petition,ain't a barbie if I was I'd be the swaged out edition. I'm that bitch that you fishin for at the seashore,there's other fishes in the sea, but them bitches ain't me. I'm too Ill with my skills that's why niggas pay my bills,and if you touch my shoe game best believe I'm kill you. So what's the deal boo still runnin ya mouth,like the itsy bitsy spider ya ass is washed out,I'm the sickest bitch to rep this downtown scene.Who you know bowlegged wit a walk so mean??

Repeat x2
when you see a bitch walking down the street (BE QUIET)
Hood chick,but her face real beat(BE QUIET),Don't talk less she ask you to speak,(BE QUIET),Shut the fuck up bitch you missed the beat.(BE QUIET).

verse 2:

BIATCH! I don't fight in Manolo's,but I got some hoes though my niggas run deep and they all carry heat,catch in the street you gon get that ass beat,let your boys know you gotcha ass whopped by a HOMO.
A real FAG with a swag like Carter, I chop a dick up my nickname BENIHANA'S, who you know sell crack to ya mama,tell that bitch thank you for my house in the BAHAMAS. A rich bitch never fight she get the token,never got no time for no second hand smoke kids,they keep choking (uH uH uH) emphysema,runner over fags in the street with my beamer. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM that's that way it go. I'm not a LIL BOOSIE, but I got a Yung JOC though, a big Cock yo Thugs like it rock, screamin Jonte' you in My Ass OOOh Stop.

Faggots Be quiet, Bitches Be quiet,Thugs Be quiet ooh ahh you tried it.........